The Blackmore Club Community Survey

16 June 2021

Dear St Peter's College Rowing Community,

On behalf of the Blackmore Club, I write to you in this year of historic achievement by the Saints Boat Club, highlighted by the recent National Rowing Championship win by our 1st VIII. These achievements have come about through the endeavour of many and a longstanding can do and collegiate culture of the Saints Boat Club over many generations. This will be celebrated next year by the anniversary of 100 years of the Heads of the River, commencing in 1921 with the inaugural race between St Peter's College and Adelaide High School.

Given the above, we are looking to celebrate and bring our community together. To assist the Blackmore Club with this objective, this survey will provide us with guidance as to how best this can be achieved.

Kind Regards,

Philip Marshall

President - Blackmore Club

Notes from the Committee:

In accordance with our constitution, the Blackmore Club aims to encourage, foster, support, and promote rowing at St Peter’s College. To achieve this the Club brings together Old Scholars, parents and friends, with a common interest in supporting Saints Rowing.

We are sending out this survey in order to engage with our community and seek feedback regarding our future events and celebrations.


Survey Instructions:

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- Please note, the comment box after each question is optional, but we would appreciate your feedback.

- Please note, the survey is divided into three sections:

- Contact Information

- Large Celebration/ Event Questions

- General Blackmore Club Questions